End of Summer 2014 Styling

Hello Dabblers!
I hate to say it, but summer is sadly coming to a close. Instead of despairing that school, or maybe a new season of work, is amongst us, I encourage you to spend the rest of the season to the fullest and donning your favorite summer/fall transitional pieces. In theme of this, I styled a boho outfit that I think would be perfect for many different summer scenarios, whether that be a music event, an afternoon spent shopping, or out on the town. Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

End of Summer Styling

For the centerpiece of the outfit, I chose this romper (that I LOVE) from Little Mistress. (I’ve just recently discovered Little Mistress- a brand galore with so many cute jumpsuits, rompers, and dresses. They just launched their US line, be sure to check them out!). This romper is so light and flowy. Since it’s a cream shade, I think it could nicely transition into fall if paired with some booties, an army jacket, and tights.
To keep things boho, I added a floppy sunhat, a large fringe clutch, and some strappy gladiators (yep, they’re my go-to summer shoe!). I wanted to keep jewelry simple, so I just added a long, dangly necklace. As for lipstick, I chose NYX’s “Indie Flick”. This is such a vibrant, matte color! It’s definitely one I would recommend adding to your collection. 
Comment below & let me know how you’re wrapping up your summer! What do you think of this look?
Until next time, xoxo, Mary Elizabeth
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Cobalt Shorts: Summer OOTD

Mmm, hello dabblers!

MEMJune2013 313

MEMJune2013 309

MEMJune2013 322

MEMJune2013 324

MEMJune2013 320

MEMJune2013 319

MEMJune2013 318

Details: Tank- Gap, Shorts- Target, Shoes- Shoe Carnival, Earrings- Gift, Bracelet- Gift, Crossbody bag- Vintage (Sorry, no links for today’s outfit! All items are either no longer online or vintage/gifts.)


Recently, I was popping about town on a warm summer’s day. I wanted to look casual, but cute none the less. Because of the weather, I decided on a classic ponytail and kept my makeup minimal for a fresh, summer-y look.

I decided to debut this tank from my last haul post and pair it with these cobalt shorts. Cobalt is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors of the summer! These shorts came in a set with this Aztec print belt, which I love the detailing and texture of.

Just as in my last OOTD, I pulled out my simple crossbody and black gladiators (I can’t help it, they’re soooo comfy). For jewelry, again keeping things minimal, I wore my silver pearls and slid on a wooden bracelet my grandmother bought me from Paris (To clarify- I’ve never been to Paris but I hope to so very badly one day). To be honest, I also had a really cute pair of sunglasses I wanted to wear too, but *sigh*, I left them at home. Oh well…


That wraps up this post for today! Thanks for reading! xoxo- Mary Elizabeth



Disclaimer: All photos are my own. If you use any, please link back to my blog. All items were purchased with my own money or were gifts of family members. All opinions are my own.


How to Get Alexa Chung’s Cool Girl Style

Dearest Dabblers,

If you’re interested in fashion and style, the likelihood of you being familiar with Alexa Chung is extremely higher than that of you not. Alexa is renowned and commonly coveted for her effortless, cool-girl ambience. How does one achieve this look, one might ask? Well, today we shall analyze and master a few simple steps to become just as cool (or maybe almost or slightly as cool) as Alexa. Let us begin.

Alexa Chung attends the Simone Rocha 2013 catwalk show for London Fashion Week at Somerset house.(Pictures from here & here.

BASICS. Although many of Alexa’s best and most common looks are constructed of basic pieces, the looks themselves are anything BUT basic. Alexa layers lots of neutrals and different textures (I cannot stress texture variation enough!!) to add depth to her outfits. Invest in pieces that have classic cut, colors, and prints (H&M is a great place to start!). Some other staples often seen on Alexa include leather jackets, oxfords, vintage sunnies, and massive amounts of denim.



(Pictures from here & here). 

NATURAL + RETRO. As for makeup, Alexa tends to keep things natural for the most part, but can almost always be seen donning a retro cat eye. Her signature fringe and shoulder length cut is generally styled in very loose waves or in a textured pony. I love using “Not Your Mother’s” Beach Texturizing Cream and Texturizing Spray to get a nice texture similar to her own. I must also admit- I am currently very seriously debating chopping of my locks to about her length (minus the fringe- I don’t think I can rock it like Alexa).


(Pictures from here & here.)

PERSONABLE PIECES. At least to me, Alexa’s style seems so personality driven. Sometimes her look is more classic, tomboy, or laid back. Adding touches of things that describe you are the perfect way to do this. For example, I love adding anything inspired by travel, art, literature, or vintage style. {My NYC Sweatshirt from my last Haul Post is a perfect exhibit.}


Now, it is time for YOU to start dabbling. You are now fully prepared to channel your inner cool-girl-or-guy. Let’s make Alexa proud, people.

xoxo, Mary Elizabeth



Disclaimer: All photos used are linked below each photo section. All opinions are my own. 


The Classic B&W Stripe Dress

‘Ello Dabblers!

MEMJune2013 287

This past Saturday, I spent the day visiting a college and doing a bit of shopping with my good ol’ Mom. I wanted to look nice, but be comfortable at the same time.

MEMJune2013 305

This dress is loose and lightweight, perfect for a summer (and often HOT) day. The timeless black and white stripes make it one of my all time favorite dresses.

MEMJune2013 306

I accessorized minimally to let the dress take center stage, with small silver studs and two dainty, colorful bracelets.

MEMJune2013 290

I wore these cute black sandals, which are great for walking around all day. My black crossbody fit everything I needed- my camera, phone, money, and bright lipstick.

MEMJune2013 299

Speaking of lipstick, I decided to go with a bright pink lip and a middle part, which ultimately sealed the deal of giving this look a classic, Kate Spade vibe.

MEMJune2013 302

MEMJune2013 296

Dress: H&M (similar here), Sandals: Shoe Carnival (similar here), Bag: Thrift Shop, Bracelets: Gift, Earrings: Gift (similar here), Lipstick: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick in “Bright Berry”

What do you think of this look? Comment below!

Until Next Time Dabblers, Mary Elizabeth xoxo



Disclaimer: I purchased all of these items on my own, except for items marked “gift” which were given to me by a family member. All opinions are my own. Photos are my own as well- please link back to my blog if you use any of them. :)

MEMJune2013 280

H&M and Gap Mini Haul

Hello again, Fashion Dabblers!

Recently, I’ve done a bit of shopping, so I decided to do a mini haul of some clothes I bought at H&M and Gap. Both stores were having INCREDIBLE sales, so I couldn’t resist picking up these pieces.

Pink Metallic Scrunch Leather Loafers (Gap)

MEMJune2013 286

I am so excited about these shoes! In person, they look rose gold. They will go with so many different outfits, so be prepared to see them often! ;) Also, I’ve been dying to buy some loafers, so these were a must.

Gray Tank Top ( sort of simliar, Gap)

MEMJune2013 283

This top is pretty simple, but will look nice layered. I thought it would be a perfect staple piece. It was on sale, so why not?

Fluffy Cardigan (H&M)

MEMJune2013 285

I have been eying these fluffy cardigans for what seems like ages. Once I spotted this one in-store, I knew it had to be mine. I love how this piece emulates vintage fashion. Once it gets a bit colder, it will be a wonder if I ever take it off!

NYC Quilted Sweatshirt (sort of similar idea here)

MEMJune2013 284

The color and cut of this sweatshirt sold me. The fact that it reads “NYC”? Icing on the cake. This sweatshirt can be dressed up a bit to look cute in a casual outfit, or could be dressed down for a day lounging around. It is so cozy!

Kimono/Cardigan Outerwear (sort of similar idea here)

MEMJune2013 281   MEMJune2013 282

Another grey piece, this kimono is destined for layering. I can now say that I’ve finally jumped on the kimono trend! Once autumn and winter rolls around, I’m positive that this outerwear will be in non-stop rotation in my closet. I also really like the hood on the back. You could maybe say I’m in love.

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Mwah! xoxo- Mary Elizabeth



Disclaimer: All items were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own. All photographs are my own. If used, please link back to my blog.


Favorite Fashion Thrifts (So far…)

Hello Fashion Dabblers!

Today, I am here to share some of my favorite pieces I have found through thrift shopping. I love to thrift because you never know what you may find, prices are great, and items are unique! Thrifting is also, in my opinion, one of the best ways to get your hands on vintage clothing. Trends right now are also mostly recycled and revamped from previous ones, so you could very likely find some very in-style, hidden gems with a little bit of digging.

Vintage High Waisted Levi’s

MEMJune2013 257

I am completely in love with these jeans. I really like the solid wash and fit of these. The fact that they are Levi’s just added to my excitement when I stumbled upon them. I’ve been considering cutting them into shorts, but for now, I’ve decided to rock them as they are.

Ralph Lauren Yellow Polo

MEMJune2013 279

I’m convinced that at some time or another, everyone needs a decent button-up to wear. This one fits like a glove and I love the pastel yellow color. Polos go well with many different outfits and can be layered in different ways depending on the look you want to achieve.

England Tee

MEMJune2013 252

MEMJune2013 249

As a self-declared anglophile, I absolutely had to purchase this shirt. I don’t wear tee shirts too often, but I enjoy being able to dress them up and down in different outfits. I especially love it tucked into my high waisted jeans (mentioned above)!

Black Crossbody

MEMJune2013 268
MEMJune2013 272

This purse is so simple that it goes with practically everything! It’s the perfect size to fit the absolute necessities and is lightweight enough to wear for a long period of time. With its classic shape and color, it is great for all sorts of different outings.

Burberry Top

MEMJune2013 261

Last, and certainly not least, is this lovely top from Burberry (yes, it is REAL Burberry!)!! Finding this top was a fashion thrifter’s dream, and I must give credit to my mom for finding it for me! I wear this top more in the winter time because of the darker grey color and thicker material. It is such a classic piece and I truly adore it. {Notice the cheeky grin that my friend, Lauren, caught me wearing.}


What are your favorite thrift finds? Comment below!

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Get the Look: NYC Street Style

Hello, Fashion Dabblers!
New York City is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable cities in the world. It is such a growing and evolving city- and the city’s fashion continues to grow and evolve with it.
Today, I decided to re-create a picture of New York City Street Style I saw online and give it a bit of a twist. I re-created this look with hopes of inspiring you in your own everyday style. All of these items are under $50, and I’m pretty in love with each and every one of them! Let’s get started.
Street Chic: New YorkPicture from Here.
I love the simplicity of this look and the classic black and white color scheme. I also like how she incorporated cheetah details to add a print to her look. The simple strappy shoes and loose curls soften her look some and give her a more laid-back, while still stylish, appearance.
In my re-creation, I stuck with the minimal top and bottom pairing as she did. The top I chose would look great tucked in up front and hanging loose in the back because of the asymmetrical cut. I decided to add a longer necklace because of the scoop neckline that the shirt features. I chose cat-eye sunglasses to give a vintage feel and a bright bag to add a pop as her cheetah print did. By choosing more structured sandals, it gave the outfit a structured element that was needed since I did not choose a bag with print. I decided to finish the look with a simple top knot, which is perfect for staying cool on these hot summer days and looking effortlessly chic at the same time.
NYC Street Syle #1
Mango scoop neck top $17 –, Sanctuary black cuffed shorts, New Look wide sandals, Mini handbag, SELECTED long gold tone necklace $24 –, Cat-eye sunglasses, 8×10″ hair art – bun print – “Top Knot 24″
What do YOU think of this look? Let me know! Also, comment below and let me know what city you love to look for street style inspiration! Subscribe through email/wordpress, and check out my Twitter and Instagram (in the drop-down menu above)!
Thanks for reading! xoxo- Mary Elizabeth
Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. All opinions are my own. The first picture is from the website linked beneath it. The second is from my own Polyvore account. Please give credit to me if using this Polyvore set and link back to my blog.